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Watson Industrial Timers
3, Old Court House Corner,
Kolkata - 700001, India
Phone: 91 33 2230-8722 
Fax: 91 33 22101240 
Email: watson19@dataone.in 

About Us

Watson Industrial Timers is a specialist manufacturer of Time Pieces and Wall Clocks based in the Port City of Kolkata, India.

Starting more than six decades ago as an importer/assembler of Swiss Timepieces and Clocks, Watson Industrial Timers today is an integrated manufacturer of precision Timepieces and Clocks with in-house facilities for CAD, Mold Making, Injection Molding & Spin Casting, Hot Stamping and on-line real time QC. 

Having the entire manufacturing process under one roof - from design to final testing - allows Watson to offer custom services and highly competitive pricing & delivery schedule - the company motto being 

"No Order Is Too Small - No Order is Too Large".

Being a successful and responsible member of the high growth Clock & Watch Industry in India - having grown from a tiny assembler of Swiss Clocks & Watches to a high volume manufacturer of precision time pieces & clocks exporting around the world, Watson understands the need to promote such capabilities in other underdeveloped and developing countries for generation of employment, exports and economic self-reliance.

Watson, therefore, also offers a full range of techno-commercial support & services in the form of Turn-Key Projects, In-plant and On-site training in Design, Manufacturing and Marketing of Clocks & Watches, OEM Kits, Molding Dies etc. for entrepreneurs intending to start such manufacturing /assembling units or government agencies desiring to promote the growth of Watch & Clock Industry in their country through export oriented industrial clusters. 

Company History 

Highly specialized manufacturer/exporter of Analog Quartz Time Pieces and Clocks with integrated design and manufacturing facilities offering well finished products at highly attractive prices for Importers, Distributors & OEM's around the world. 

Having been a part of the evolution of watch industry from simple analog mechanical prices to quartz analog and digital products since the last six decades, it is Company policy to encourage, develop & train new entrepreneurs and governments in developing countries to set-up environmental friendly assembly/manufacturing units or cluster of such units for local and export markets - such units or clusters have very large potential for generation of employment, foreign exchange and wealth resulting in improved quality of life with very low investment of capital and other scarce resources.

Primary Competitive Advantage:
  Experienced R&D Department 
  OEM Capability 
  Production Capacity 
  Large Product Line 
  Buyer's Specifications Accepted 
  Delivery and Price suitable for Dollar Stores

Products & Services:
  Quartz Table Clocks 
  Quartz Wall Clocks
  Gift Items
  OEM Supplies
  Small Scale Clock Manufacturing Projects
  Spin Cast Zinc & Pewter Gift Items and Components


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